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SSC English Prepositions Exercise from : Pinnacle

SSC English Prepositions Exercise form : Pinnacle

SSC English Prepositions Exercise

SSC English Prepositions Exercise

Prepositions Exercise
Fill in the blank with an appropriate word from the given options.
Q1. When we get ready for dinner, I have to take my books__________ the table.
A. off      B. from (more…)

Preposition practice sets with solution

Preposition practice

Choose the right word for the blank spaces.
1) The boss didn’t punish him for coming late. He must be_____ his good books.

A) in

B) into

C) inside

D) onto

2) Do you take pride_____ your appearance?

A) in

B) at

C) about

D) of

3) I tripped ______ the cat and fell downstairs.

A) over

B) on

C) (more…)

Preposition Improvement Tips Part 2 For SSC CGL

Preposition Improvement Tips Part 2 For SSC CGL

Preposition : In this article I am publishing examples and implementation Part. 

Tricky prepositions and their usage with different words.

1 Agree to a proposal

Agree with a person

2 Arrive at a conclusion

Arrive at a small place

Arrive in a bigger place

3 Attend (more…)


Prepositions and their correct usage 


Prepositions fix the position of a noun or verb in relation to another noun.

1   Prepositions        Place (point) to, at, from–to a point, at a point, from a point eg,

(i) She went to the hotel.

(ii) I met her at the door.

(iii) She came from Canada.

The hotel, the door and (more…)

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